Saturday, June 21, 2014


On our last stop before we reach our final destination at Hare Bay, we arrived at the small fishing community of Flowers Cove. We stayed at a quaint-cosy Bed and Breakfast with a generous and humble owner who prepared a home-cooked dinner for us that consisted of some American staples along with some traditional Newfoundland recipes. The owner has a huge role in the community and our group will be working with her to organize a coastal cleanup at multiple sites throughout the town followed by a community cook out. For this event we will be partnering up with several local fishermen and the local Junior Canadian Rangers (similar to American boy scouts) to rid the shore of as much waste as possible and increase the awareness in communities of the amount of trash that covers many of the beaches. The event will take place in about two weeks or so. The temperature has drastically dropped over the past few days as we travel north. For the rest of the trip we will be experiencing temperatures in the mid to upper forties. The highlight of the day was spotting our very first icebergs! Although they were far off the shoreline, we were able to get a sense of their magnitude and beauty.

Photo taken at dinner. Our host Maggie is the women in the middle.

Iceberg out in the Labrador Straights

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