Sunday, June 29, 2014


Our weeklong project of creating nest shelters for the Eider Ducks began today in the garage of a local handyman and guide extraordinaire named Eddie. He is a Newfoundlander who has worked with these Eider ducks for many years and has a passion for adventure and his varied collection of work and pursuits. The day began with an assembly line of constructing the basic dimensions of the shelters, with the end goal being to complete fifty of these wooden shelters. With a successful morning behind us, Matt joined up with Eddie, Kathleen, and Scott to take a boat out in the afternoon and explore and analyze the ducks habitats in the surrounding islands of hare bay. They got up close with not only the ducks and their nests but also the large number of spectacular icebergs in the Hare Bay.

Eddie and Kathleen out on the water.
An iceberg up close.
Eddie examining an Eider nest. The object that he is lifting is an older version of the nest shelters

A couple of Eider eggs in their nest.

Scott and I approaching an iceberg.

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