Thursday, June 19, 2014


Today we got up early and took a 10-15km walk going through six different beaches. Our job was to simply make sure that nothing was out of order or of concern. After finding no issues with the first three beaches, we came to a situation where there were ATV tracks that had missed one of the Plover nests by roughly six inches on both sides. Because there are less than 20 of the birds on the island, seeing a nest destroyed would have been a disaster. Kathleen, the QLF member in charge, made it clear that this isn't the first time this particular nest has been in danger. On this trip we were also accompanied by Connor: a member of QLF in charge of us, Scott: a Canadian intern, Rudy: a college student from Newfoundland, Dylan: an intern from Princeton, and Sophie: an intern from Montreal. We are the only members of the team under 20 years of age.

The nest at a close up

The nest farther away surrounded by tire tracks.

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